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  1. Kim Ramsey says:

    Hi Lindsay, I just read your blog about the Young Life Triathlon. Thanks for the kind remarks about our event! We’re glad you enjoyed it! Would you mind if I use an excerpt from that for our newsletter this month? We’re doing a Triathlon follow-up edition and would love to have your response included. Let me know! Thanks! Kim Ramsey (Lakes Area Young Life, Detroit Lakes)

    • lindsaybabb says:

      Hi Kimberly! Absolutely, thank you so much for taking the time to read and include me in the newsletter. I sent you an email too just to be sure you know I’d love to have my comments shared. Thanks for putting on a great event, see you next summer!

  2. Hey I nominated you for the Versatile blog award over at my blog tonedtweneties. Wait to have any awesome blog! 🙂


    • lindsaybabb says:

      Holy sh*t that’s amazing. Thank you, Jenny! That’s about as high a compliment I could ask for! Can’t wait to check out your blog, thank you again!!

  3. Amy says:

    Hi Lindsay,
    My name is Amy and I work for Natural Grocers. We would like to invite you to a Sneak Peek lunch we are having at our new Fargo store opening in June. Please send me your email address so that I can send you an invitation.

  4. Cara Benson says:

    Hi Lindsay,

    I loved your 5 Unexpected Things Runners Get Really Good At post! My name is Cara, and I am with the community outreach team at Eventbrite. I’d love to connect with you about our current project. Please email mea at your earliest convenience.

    Talk soon,

  5. Sally Hagen says:

    I’m running the Fargo Half, first time in 5 years. I’ve had shin splints most of my training but they’ve been manageable. After my 9 mile run 9 days ago they’ve been horrible so I’ve been “resting,”. Was going to do 10.5 tomorrow then be done with long runs before the race. My endurance has been great this time around, just the shin splints and 1 muscle that keeps bothering me. What’s your advice for training for the next 10 days??

    • lindsaybabb says:

      Hi, Sally! At this point, I suggest taking it very easy. A 10 miler would likely irritate your injury more than it would help your endurance (which sounds like is already good) and the fact that you’ve run a half before, I think 9 miles as your longest run is sufficient. I would still go for a couple shorter runs over the next few days, maybe one at 6, a couple at 3, that type of distance to keep your rhythm. And ice those shins as much as you can. Let me know how you’re feeling over the next few days – and I hope I see you at the race! You’ve been training, you’ll be great even with dialing it back.

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