The Girl Behind All the Running

What started as a simple goal, a way to get in better shape has become a major part of my life. IMG_6115

I’m Lindsay. I live in Fargo, North Dakota and legitimately love to run – most days. I also love to share stories and advice about running, eating, lifting, workout peeves, and general shenanigans. Most of all, I keep it real – you won’t find fitness rah-rah, 21-day-fix-type bullshit here. Just all things wellness and all in real life. My adventures in running often include my training partner, a 5-year-old Bug named Burton. As you can see, he really hates his cold-weather running sweater.


I really, really love food

Professionally, I’m a public relations specialist; personally, I’m an old musical soul (and obviously a huge 311 fan), a sports enthusiast (the Flyers and Twins my faves but I did marry a Badger so there’s that now) and a wannabe snowboarding junkie (a mountain would make North Dakota the most perfect place on earth). I’m also a vegetarian with a mild Cheez-It addiction, a pace bunny (member of the Twin Cities Pacers) and an Ainsley’s Angels runner.

One Response to The Girl Behind All the Running

  1. FLRunnerBoy says:

    Oh how we all start running to get in shape and then look what happens lol 🙂

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