Throwin It Back and Looking Ahead

“Something old, something new”

No, not a blog about wedding season. Although, if you’re planning to get married this summer and dreading the thought of a wedding diet, I offer you this older blog on why I chose NOT to diet for my wedding.

This week marks a big day – June 1.

What? Why is June 1 a big deal? Well, technically, it’s not…other than my friend, Lindsay’s birthday (Happy bday, Lins!).


Fear no food. Even in the summertime.

June is the first month of summer. For the majority of you, that’s exciting news! Most people love summer. Me, I’m more of a winter gal, but I still look forward to weekends at the lake, more daylight, and swapping out my winter garb for summer threads.

No matter who you are or how much you like summer, many feel a pang of anxiety as the new season approaches. With shorts, tanks, and swimsuits on the horizon, I want to share my opinion on detox diets. Feel free to read the three reasons I say forgo the crash diet, then, do as you will.

With that old blog, here’s something new. There’s a change coming to the blog. A big one. I’m rolling out a brand new site and a brand new name. Same writing, same me, so I hope you’ll come along for the ride!

What’s your old and new for June? An old fitness goal you’re reviving or perhaps something new you’re trying? Comment below or tweet me, @runlikeagirl311.

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